The Geography of Genius by Eric Weiner


New York Times Bestseller
An Amazon Best Book of 2016
A Washington Post Best Book of 2016

Travel the world with Eric Weiner, the New York Times bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss, as he journeys from Athens to Silicon Valley—and throughout history, too—to show how creative genius flourishes in specific places at specific times.

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Greetings. I’m an author, speaker and former correspondent for NPR, but I prefer to think of myself as a philosophical traveler. My interest—my obsession, really—is the intersection of places and ideas. It is at this intersection, I believe, where the most fascinating aspects of life unfold, be it our search for happiness, spiritual fulfillment or creative expression.

So, in this spirit, I invite you to explore. You can read an excerpt from my latest book, The Geography of Genius. You can also sample my other writing, see a calendar of my upcoming readings and appearances—and even tell me which places spark your creativity. I hope you find the journey inspiring.

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In The Geography of Genius, “Weiner is a superb travel guide: funny, knowledgeable, self-deprecating…[His] idiosyncratic approach made me feel afterward as if I’d been on an odd but very satisfying vacation.”

“There are some writers whose company is worth keeping, whatever the subject… And Mr. Weiner is blessed with this gift.  He is a prober and questioner, a big-hearted humanist who will always take a colorful, contradictory reality over some unfounded certainty.”-Review of The Geography of Genius

On the Geography of Genius

“This witty and fun book has an insight in every paragraph. It’s a charming mix of history and wisdom cloaked as a rollicking travelogue filled with colorful characters.”

— Walter Isaacson, bestselling author of The Innovators and Steve Jobs

Atop The Duomo In Florence


On The Colbert Report

The Geography of Genius is an intellectual odyssey, a traveler’s diary, and a comic novel all rolled into one…Weiner’s best book yet.”

-Daniel Gilbert, Harvard professor and bestselling author of Stumbling on Happiness

On The Trail of Genius In Italy


The Geography of Genius is witty, informative, and compulsively readable…you’ll emerge smarter after reading this delightful travelogue of ingenuity.”

-Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of To Sell Is Human and Drive