Man Seeks God


“Books about God tend to fall into two categories:  objective inquiries into the nature of belief and personal tales of spiritual awakening…Weiner’s ‘Man Seeks God: My Flirtations with the Divine’ nimbly and often hilariously straddles the fence between the two genres….He’s Woody Allen channeling Karen Armstrong.”

—The New York Times

“Well-researched, informative and engaging, “Man Seeks God” is packed with facts and wisdom that, regardless of which God you root for, will leave what a Buddhist friend of Weiner’s calls “Post-it Notes on the brain.”

—The Washington Post

“I came to Eric Weiner’s MAN SEEKS GOD looking for a fight. But in the end, I didn’t find the fight I was looking for; instead, I found an affable, candid, deeply thoughtful, sometimes ironic and funny soul, with whom I shared certain similarities…. In the end, despite my proclivity for theological fisticuffs, Mr. Weiner’s candor and thoughtfulness were entirely disarming.”

—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[Weiner’s] sophisticated wit and wordplay yield an engaging tale at each stop.”-TIME magazine”Book of the month…Much of the power of this pilgrimage comes from the characters Weiner encounters—informed, impassioned, and idiosyncratic guides who lead the ever-questioning, ever-doubting author on a magical mystery tour that illuminates our inner and outer paths.”

—National Geographic Traveler

“Throughout this marvelously entertaining journey, precious and universal truths emerge amid the churning of Weiner’s self-conscious intellect and self deprecating sense of humor. Weiner manages to suspend disbelief long enough to share tales of divine wonders, a possibility in all of us.”

—Booklist (starred review)

“Weiner’s memoir is one of the best and most readable spiritual autobiographies of the last few years.”

—Library Journal

The [spiritual search] is compelling, and Weiner, the true subject of the book, is fascinating. He is at once charming and naive, profound and whiny, funny and annoying….The most intriguing insights are the ones [Weiner] discovers about himself in this honest and neurotic, generally entertaining book. ”

“Writing about spirituality is fraught with ironies: Isn’t the divine supposed to be beyond words? How to describe the inner landscape without sounding insane or precious? Eric Weiner’s quirky religion-hopping travelogue, “Man Seeks God: My Flirtations With the Divine,” actually embraces these pitfalls, while poking good-natured fun at the genre.  [It’s] a refreshing departure from more weighty spiritual tomes.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“His candid, self-deprecating approach ultimately makes the book a disarmingly funny, illuminating read……Weiner’s is a vulnerable, heartfelt story, one likely to give others license to make their own fumbling, flawed inquiries.”

—Baltimore City Paper

“In a time when many religious people insist only their own faith is valid, Weiner traveled the world in a quest for answers to spiritual questions…. Not taking himself (or others) too seriously, Weiner’s travels take him to Turkey, where he whirls, dervish-style; and Las Vegas, where he encounters Raelians, who base their beliefs on UFOs. He studies Kabbalah (without Madonna) and meditates with Tibetan lamas.”

—New York Post

“You won’t find God after reading this book, but you will speculate, ponder, and laugh. We were immediately captivated.”

—US Airways magazine