The Geography of Genius


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“There are some writers whose company is worth keeping, whatever the subject…..And Mr. Weiner is blessed with this gift. He is a prober and questioner, a big-hearted humanist who will always take a colorful, contradictory reality over some unfounded certainty.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“The book is a witty, entertaining romp. Weiner’s vivid descriptions of modern-day life in each locale make the spots feel like must-­visit destinations.”

— The New York Times

“Part of the book’s charm stems from the pure joy of experiencing these places alongside a narrator like Weiner. His wry wit shines through….Although Weiner’s book functions as an intriguing history and travelogue, it also includes deeper sociological and psychological implications.”

— Christian Science Monitor

“Weiner is a superb travel guide: funny, knowledgeable, self-deprecating and always up for sharing a bottle of wine…[His] idiosyncratic approach made me feel afterward as if I’d been on an odd but very satisfying vacation.”

— The Washington Post

Weiner “illustrates the power that culture and location can lend to creative efforts. Verdict: A welcome read for lovers of geography, history of geography, historical travel, travelogues, and the history of science.”

— Library Journal, Starred Review

“Higher ed people should read The Geography of Genius with an eye towards how we can make our own campuses furnaces of genius.”

— Inside Higher Ed

“Informative and dryly witty, Weiner’s odyssey is both an insightful examination of genius and a call to readers to explore their own untapped creative resources.”

— Shelf Awareness (starred review)

“Weiner is an affable tour guide and a lively, witty writer in the style of Bill Bryson; the connections he makes between places of genius are sharp and sometime unexpected.”

— Booklist

“Sharp and provocative, THE GEOGRAPHY OF GENIUS redefines the argument about how genius came to be. [Weiner’s] reevaluation of the importance of culture in nurturing creativity is an informed romp through history.”

— Bookreporter

“Weiner is skilled at weaving together reportage and academic research….the journey is always stimulating.”

— Financial Times

“Smart yet funny, engaging…thought-provoking”

— Miami Herald

“Eric Weiner has single-handedly invented a new nonfiction genre in which a brilliant and hilarious writer leaves his home and family to circle the globe in search of the answer to a timeless question. The Geography of Genius is an intellectual odyssey, a traveler’s diary, and a comic novel all rolled into one. Smart, original, and utterly delightful, this is Weiner’s best book yet.”

— Daniel Gilbert, Harvard professor and bestselling author of Stumbling on Happiness

“Why do certain places produce a spontaneous eruption of creativity? What made Athens and Florence and Silicon Valley? This witty and fun book has an insight in every paragraph. It’s a charming mix of history and wisdom cloaked as a rollicking travelogue filled with colorful characters.”

— Walter Isaacson, bestselling author of The Innovators and Steve Jobs

The Geography of Genius is witty, informative, and compulsively readable. Whether you’re getting genius tips from Freud in Vienna or hearing the secrets of high-tech powerhouses in Silicon Valley, you’ll emerge smarter after reading this delightful travelogue of ingenuity.”

— Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of To Sell Is Human and Drive

“It’s rare to read a book that makes you laugh and learn, but Eric Weiner has done it again. This witty, wise explorer offers fascinating insights on how culture has inspired creativity across the ages—ripe for chats at water coolers and cocktail parties—and offers a practical map for how we can all become a bit more inventive.”

— Adam Grant, Wharton professor and bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals